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                    承接代加工服務:ITO激光蝕刻代加工 FPC激光切割代加工 激光鐳雕打標加工

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                    每年2月初由SPIE(國際光學工程學會)主辦的Photonics West(西部光電展)都是世界生物光學、激光、光電產業的一大盛會。而期間由SPIE頒發的Prism Awards也是備受矚目。該獎分為

                    關鍵字:Prism Awards,SPIE,光纖激光器排名,Vgen激光,工業激光器,

                    •  每年2月初由SPIE(國際光學工程學會)主辦的Photonics West(西部光電展)都是世界生物光學、激光、光電產業的一大盛會。而期間由SPIE頒發的Prism Awards也是備受矚目。該獎分為9個大類,其中包括工業激光和科學激光兩個大類,競逐獎項的均是來自世界各地的技術頂尖的企業。

                             在剛剛結束的Photonics West 2014 上,SPIE 公布了 2014 Prism Awards的獲獎名單。工業激光類由以色列的V-gen公司的脈沖光纖激光器VPFL-ISP-1-40-HE-50000獲得,而科學激光類則由德國的Hübner GmbH & Co. KG 的相干連續波光源C-Wave獲得。值得注意的是,德國Hübner公司除了獲得科學激光類大獎外,還獲得了國防與安全類大獎。

                             據了解,V-Gen 是以色列一家專業從事光纖激光器的企業。
                             VPFL-ISP-1-40-HE-50000 產品可輸出峰值功率>40 kW,可調脈沖為1-300 ns,平均功率可達50 W,光速質量 (M2<1.5),光電轉換效率 >20%。


                      先進制造類:Nanoscribe Gmbh (德國,Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen,), for the Photonic Professional GT (PPGT); based on TPP, the most accurate and fastest 3D laser lithography system commercially available. Presenter was Homer Antoniadis, Global Technology Director, DuPont.

                      國防與安全類: Hübner GmbH & Co. KG (德國,Ehrenkirchen), for KG: T-COGNITION, a stand-alone terahertz spectrometer that automatically detects and identifies hazardous substances in mail. Presenter was Jim Oschmann, Ball Aerospace, Vice President and General Manager, Civil Space and Technology, Ball Aerospace.

                      檢測、傳感、成像與攝像類:Tornado Spectral Systems (加拿大Toronto), for OCTANE-860, a small, inexpensive and robust spectrometer on a silicon chip designed for full-featured OCT imaging.  Presenter was Brian Lula, President and CEO of PI Physik Instrumente LP.

                      工業激光類: V-Gen Ltd. (以色列Tel Aviv), for the VPFL-ISP-1-40-HE-50000, the ytterbium fiber laser with the shortest pulsewidth, highest peak power, and highest pulse energy. Presenter was Reinhart Poprawe, Director, Fraunhofer-Institut für Lasertechnik.

                      生命科學與生物光電類: AccuVein Inc. (Huntington, New York, 美國), for the AV400 Vein Viewing System, a handheld, augmented-reality laser camera that detects and projects a vein map on a patient's skin. Presenter was Babak Parviz, Google Glass Project Lead, Google X, and University of Washington.

                      光學與光學元件類: Compass Electro-Optical Systems (Milpitas, California, 美國): r10004 Router, the first design to allow for a full mesh architecture and an ASIC-to-ASIC link using an optical interconnect. Presenter was Mario Paniccia, General Manager Silicon Photonics Operation, Intel.

                      其它光源類: Necsel (Milpitas, California, 美國): Frequency Converted Green Laser Array, offering the first RGB laser solution in 3D digital cinema projection. Presenter was Barbara Paldus, CEO, Finesse Solutions.

                      科學激光類: Hübner GmbH & Co. KG. (Ehrenkirchen, 德國): C-WAVE, the first coherent continuous-wave source able to be tuned across the visible range without change of materials. Presenter was Gisele Maxwell, CEO, Shasta Crystals.

                      測試、測量、計量類:Si-Ware Systems (Cairo, Egypt): MEMS FT-IR Spectrometer, the first alignment-free, calibration-free, and shock-resistant FT-IR module on a chip scale. Presenter was Paul Johnson, Executive Director of Global Optics, Photop Technologies.

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